Excerpt from

The Net


Into this net of leaves, green as old glass
That the sun fondles, trembling like images

In water, this live net, swung overhead
From branch to branch, what swam? The spider’s thread

Is less passive, where it appears to float
Like a bright hair clinging to the wind’s coat.

Babette Deutsch at the Poetry Foundation

From  "Poetry at the Mid-Century," The Writers Book, ed. Helen Hull (1950). qtd. at dictionary.com

The poet...like the lover...is a person unable to reconcile what he knows with what he feels. His peculiarity is that he is under a certain compulsion to do so..

Babette Deutsch at the Jewish Women's Encyclopedia

Babette Deutsch was one of the gifted women artists of her era who made a significant contribution to the Jewish community. Not only did she donate her time to organizations like the YMHA, but she also used her poetry as a medium for paying homage to her heritage. Deutsch was sensitive to the precarious and tragic situation of the Jews during the Holocaust. Her final three books of verse deal with her rage against the destruction and horror of World War II. Her poems about war also try to make some sense out of the evils of humankind: "A sage once said the mind of God forgets/Evil that men remember having done, as it remembers/The good that men do and forget."

Bizarrely, there is no page for Babette Deutsch at the Academy of American Poets.