Excerpted from this

And It Came to Pass

This june 3
would be different

Time to draw lines

I've grown into the family pores
and the bronchitis

C. D. Wright at The Academy of American Poets

Kent Johnson interviews C. D. Wright in Jacket

My work is not obscure, it's maybe cranky, idiosyncratic, privately allusive, but I am not as conceptual as even I would want to be. Nor do I attempt to pander. It's project by project for me-- by any means necessary; that's enough of a directive. I'm fairly aware of the contradictions in my work and personality. I'm country but sophisticated. I'm particular and concrete, but I'm probing another plane... elliptical is alright, but it's something I would apply when it applies, not overall. There are many times when I want to hammer the head. Other times I want to sleep on the hammer.


Steal Away

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