Excerpt from

The Consequences of Wife-Swapping With a Giant

There was a giant who was particularly fond of humans.
He camped near them, his lice -- white bears and white wolves.
He drank whole lakes when he grew thirsty
and generated winds throughout Siberia. He once fell in love
with an Inuk woman, and since he was already married,
convinced the woman's husband to swap his wife
for the giant's. The husband was tempted by the thought
of enormous green female genitals
and agreed without asking his wife's opinion

Denise Duhamel at the Academy of American Poets

Interviewed by Derek Alger
At some point in my development as a writer, I became interested in putting it all in, trusting my leaps, embracing vulnerability in imagery. I think sometimes my feminist poetry is interpreted as “sex-obsessed.” I don’t particularly feel more obsessed by sex than anyone else, but I do notice the crazy ways it is distorted by our culture. So many of the images of women we see are passive. While women are often objectified by our culture, I am interested in making them the subjects not the objects, active rather than passive.

"Mobius Strip: Forgetfulness"