Excerpt from

The Pomegranate

The only legend I have ever loved is
the story of a daughter lost in hell.
And found and rescued there.
Love and blackmail are the gist of it.
Ceres and Persephone the names.
And the best thing about the legend is
I can enter it anywhere. And have.

Eavan Boland at The Academy of American Poets

Interview with Eavan Boland

Feminism is a compelling ethic. But it's not an aesthetic. I've always been certain of its central value. But the truth is that poetry begins- as all art does - where certainties end. That's the departure point. It's rooted where the imagination is rooted: in ambiguities and darknesses and memories and obsessions that aren't available to ethics, but are capable of truth. So, even though the distinction seems too fine, it has meaning for me. Feminism has helped me see society differently, and define myself as a writer differently. But it stops at the margins of the poem, at the edge of the act of writing it.

Eavan Boland at Poetry Foundation

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