Excerpt from

The Road That Runs Beside The River

follows the river as it bends
along the valley floor,
going the way it must go.
Where water goes, goes the road,
if there's room (not in a ravine,
gorge) the river
on your right, or left. Left is better,
it's over your elbow across
the road, when you're driving.

Thomas Lux at The Academy of American Poets

An interview with Thomas Lux at Cortland Review
After a few years, Surrealism felt like a dead end to me, and even though I still appreciate a lot of the wackiness and the imagination of Surrealist poetry, I'm not very interested in it anymore. It seems too arbitrary, and again, kind of lazy. It doesn't pay enough attention to the musical elements of poetry. So now I refer to myself as a recovering Surrealist

"I Love You Sweetheart"