Anthony Robinson

Publications and Fellowships


1949—"My Finnegan" (short story), Hounds and Hunting, Feb. —49 issue.
1956—"The Farlow Express" (short story), Prairie Schooner, Fall issue.
1956—"Outpost of Bohemia" (article), Ford Times, vol. 48, no. 7.
1957—"The Farlow Express," The Best American Short Stories, Houghton Mifflin, Boston, ed. Martha Foley.
1960—A Departure From the Rules (novel), Putnam, New York.  W.H. Allen, London, 1961; Longanesi, Milan, 1963.
1961—"The Lesson" (short story).  Escapade, Feb. issue.
1963—The Easy Way (novel), Simon & Schuster, New York.  MacDonald, London, 1964; Baldini & Castoldi, Rome, 1965; Editions Fleuve Noir, Paris, 1965.
1964—"The Dirt Machine" (short story), Bluestone, vol.1, no. 1.
1965—"Navy Buttons" (short story), This Week in Sunday Herald Tribune, March 7, 1965.
1969—Home Again, Home Again (novel), William Morrow, New York.
1982—"A Turn In the Match” (short story), Golf Magazine, March 1982 issue.
1985—"Zerk the Jerk" (short story), adapted for television, NBC, aired May 1985.
1990—The Whole Truth (novel), Donald I. Fine, New York.
1991—The Member-Guest (novel), Donald I. Fine, New York.
2001—All in the Family Business (Biography of George G. Raymond Jr.), Posterity Press, Chevy Chase, Md.
2007—"The 3-Mile Run" (short story), in Riverine, Codhill Press, New Paltz, N.Y., ed. Laurence Carr.
2010—The American Golfer (novel), Bluestone Books, New Paltz, New York.
2011—The Floodplain (novel), Codhill Press, New Paltz, New York
2013—New Water (story collection), Bluestone Books, New Paltz, New York


1960—Fletcher Pratt Memorial Fellowship, Bread Loaf Writers— Conference (awarded for A Departure From the Rules.)
1968, 1969, 1971—State University of New York Faculty Fellowship (awarded for Home Again, Home Again and a novel in progress.)

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